January 25th: Sore Paws

January 25th: Sore Paws

Poor Grasshopper seemed a little out of sorts the last few days, then I noticed she was limping yesterday afternoon. By last night, poor thing moved like a little old man. I took her to the vet to discover, as I suspected, that the salt and cold temperatures are wreaking havoc on her poor little paws. Probably burning a bit, too, Patrick Drew told me. I took a picture of her in the examining room and texted it to Jeff. I actually debated sending it, it was so horrible (Grasshopper never takes a bad picture), but I thought it captured her poor little mood, so I clicked the Send button.

Jeff replied, “Ugly picture. Capture none of her elegance. ¬†You wouldn’t let me take a picture of you like that.” I might…but I wouldn’t let him post it.